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College or Bootcamp?
Published Published 9 March 2014 by RefactorU
At RefactorU a topic that comes up regularly from incoming students is: "How does a bootcamp compare to a college degree in computer science?". There's a pretty big difference in cost and time when comparing college to a bootcamp. The...
Javascript: The Language of the Future
Published Published 2 March 2014 by RefactorU
Clint Nash looks at the data and finds that Javascript is the fastest growing, most popular language out there....
The Changing Landscape of Software Development
Published Published 25 February 2014 by RefactorU
Over the last decade the landscape of software development has changed dramatically. The ability for anyone to make usable software and deliver it on a wide scale has become easier than ever. I've been lucky enough to watch this happen...
Making your Sublime Indentation Fantastic!
Published Published 9 February 2014 by RefactorU
One of the core tenets of software development is that your code will be read a lot. It may be by yourself in the future. It may be by other developers. But the important message is to keep your code...

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