Why are you not teaching Ruby on Rails in the Web Development bootcamp?

Published 5 October 2016 by Sean Daken |

At it’s core, RefactorU’s Web Development bootcamp is JavaScript-focused, with a particular emphasis on the MEAN Stack - MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js.

There are a variety of factors at play in this decision, some philosophical and some practical. On the philosophical side, We believe that teaching modern web app development is better facilitated by leveraging JS. From a practical perspective, JS is integral to modern app development. JS runs in every browser on the planet. JS is the #1 language on GitHub and it's the most sought-after skill among start-ups here in Colorado. 

The force is strong with JS. Node has enjoyed enormous growth in the last couple of years. It is based on JavaScript, which is native on all browsers, and has a very small footprint, low-latency, etc. Node.js is awesome at handling concurrent connections as a web server. This makes your apps really fast and ultimately makes hardware (servers) cheaper. Node.js promotes full-stack development and even makes it easier (since Node.js and client-side JS are the same syntax)… Not to mention the Node community and tools makes development super-fast.

Why Angular.js? Angular is killing it. Read me here.

Ultimately, RefactorU is teaching a broader skill set of how to be an effective programmer and how to learn new technologies. The specific languages used to do that have been selected both for the excellence of programming skills their fans typically acquire, and for their demand and applicability in the market. The people who care to invest their time learning more cutting-edge languages show passion and technical maturity that the average CS graduate may not. We also think our approach is the most efficient route available to those deeper technical skills.

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